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AITA for confronting my wife for buying my birthday gift with my money?

“My wife and I have been married for two years.

I recently noticed after reviewing bank statements that she’s been buying my birthday gifts with my money for the past two years (didn’t notice the first year since it was not super expensive).

We have a shared account to pay bills but then we also have our individual credit/debit cards for personal expenses. She’s an authorized user on my credit card but she’ll only use it if I ask her to buy something for me such as work clothes.

She bought me a Rolex watch this year for my birthday and I felt bad since I didn’t get her anything nearly as expensive for a birthday gift and I told her she shouldn’t have. I also wondered how she could afford it unless she’s been saving.

She said she wanted to do something nice for me and she knew I liked it. One day I was attempting to buy a coffee before heading to work and my card was declined. I called the bank and they told me why they blocked the purchase. After reviewing the online statement it does show the watch on my account and that’s not my usual spending habits.

I talked to my wife about it and she said “I thought I used the shared account, I must’ve pulled out the wrong card by accident. I’m sorry.”

I tell her to return it because it’s an unnecessary expense and she told me “just keep it, you can afford it. You know you wanted one anyway. Please appreciate me wanting to do something nice for you”.”

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Finally, this person said he needs to get his wife off of his bank account and return that gift ASAP.

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