What are you supposed to do if you see a kid (who happens to be a stranger) take a spill?

Do you help them out?

Ignore it?


I guess it’s up to the individual.

Check out this story and see if you think this guy acted like a jerk for not helping out a kid who fell down.

AITA for not helping a child when they fell over?

“Today I (19m) was waiting for my girlfriend at our local park.

I was waiting on a bench looking at ducks in the pond when a child right in front of me off his scooter (probably 6) fell over. I laughed, not out loud, the child was crying being dramatic when its mother came rushing in checking if he’s bleeding (he was not he wasn’t even scratched).

The woman looked up at me seeing me slightly grin asking why I didn’t help him I responded “he isn’t hurt so why do I need to help him” she got p**sy and said “if he was bleeding from his head would you help?” I said “no probably not”.

She started having a go at me acting like I should’ve helped a random dramatic child up from the floor when he isn’t even injured. I walked away and from a distance you could hear her yelling.

I can’t tell if I wasn’t the a**hole or I was cause he ain’t my kid he ain’t my responsibility.”

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Another individual agreed and said he’s an a**hole for the remark he made.

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