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AITA for ditching my date at the restaurant?

“Before anyone thinks this is fake, let me assure you i wish this was. I am in shock.

I (26M) just recently went on a date with a (25-28?F) girl last Tuesday. We met at the gym. I’ve had a crush on her for a while and finally struck up a convo and asked her out. I booked us at a nice Korean restaurant that has Korean bbq stations.

So we sit at the bar and have a pleasant chat for a few minutes and then they tell us our table is ready. Then we go to our table and its got a huge grill with a fire on it and she instantly asks what this is. (How does anyone not know what Korean bbq is?).

But I brushed it off and explained to her and she was like “but why do we have to do all the work? Lol (yes she said lol unironically) isn’t that their job?” I explained to her thats whats fun about it but we could always order off of the a la carte menu if she didn’t want bbq.

But she said “just make them do it for us” and insisted on calling the waitress over and asking her to put the meat on the grill and demanded to be served after it was ready . This elderly Korean lady had to shuffle between busy tables and come and flip the meat and serve our plates.

But wait. It gets worse.

So at this point I’m super embarrassed and seeing red flags like crazy (Im indian so I’m kinda used to the whole servant master attitude thing cause its big in india, but I’m not a fan of it, and I thought it was super weird here in the states) But I wanted to see the date to the end ( and yes shamelessly enough I was hoping for some ‘adult’ time.)

At the end of the meal, she asks for dessert. I agree and ask to see the menu. The waitress comes over and gives the menu and hands it to her. She then waits for her to leave and says “My god this place is a nightmare, all these useless immigrants (she’s white) come into the country and don’t even work and eat up our tax dollars. Are they even legal?”

And she said it loudly enough that a nearby table of brown people in their 20s started giving her dirty looks and whispering to each other. She notices this and goes “same goes for these insert r**ist word for people of pakistan” . At this point my jaw dropped. I’m INDIAN and she used this in front of me.

She saw my expression and went “oh no I don’t mean Latinos they’re fine. I LOVE Mexican food.” So it seems that she thinks I was Latino (my birth country never really came up as I speak with an American accent) and she uses a r**ist word against my own countrymen in front of me.

So we get dessert, I get up to use the bathroom, pay off the bill with a good tip and walk out the door. I left her there (I drove us) and went back and blocked her number. Now im even thinking of switching gyms but I’m just gonna go in the morning, I don’t know what I will say if I ever meet her again.

AITA for ditching my date without transport at the restaurant?”

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