You know that things are getting pretty nasty when you have to take to social media to humiliate your wife in order to defend your own mother…

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AITA for humiliating my wife on social media to “defend” my mom?

“We finally have gone no contact with my mom.

It was a long hard decision, but she and my wife are just fundamentally unable to get along and recently had a vicious fight, and I knew I had to put my wife first. This fight was so bad my mom didn’t even protest the no contact. We are just done with each other, but I can’t say it hasn’t been gut wrenching.

My mom has given her version of the story to everyone, so I get that my wife wants to defend herself, but I h**e that she is posting on social media because I find that tacky, and my mom just told people verbally.

Anyway my wife made a couple posts about my mom’s behavior over the years, which hey they were true, but then she claimed my mom wore white to our wedding (she didn’t) and she posted a picture to prove it. This picture is not from our wedding. It is from my mom’s own wedding, and my wife labeled it the mother son dance.

I was mortified. I don’t even care about the white dress, but the man my mom was with was her husband not me (face was cropped out), and I felt humiliated. He was holding her very intimately, hand on her lower back, her head buried in his chest.

My mom and I would never ever touch like that and it made me feel ick. Hell my mom was stiff during the actual mother son dance. I know some families are more affectionate, but I would just never do that. I asked my wife to take it down and she refused.

I took it into my own hands and comments “honey think you are confused. That’s *stepdad’s name* remember that was their wedding. She actually wore green to ours” and posted the pictures for proof.

My wife was furious and deeply hurt. She broke down crying and said I publicly humiliated her and sided with my mom. She said she just wanted a little bit of petty revenge and I should have taken her side. It’s been a day and she is still clearly upset.”

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