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In today’s day and age, can we all agree that kicking someone out of your streaming platforms is akin to telling them to stay out of your life forever?

I sure think so!

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AITA for kicking my sister out from every streaming platform I own because she kicked my dad from her Netflix?

“I’ll try to keep it short, my (25M) mom passed away four years ago and one of the things my dad(65M) clanged ever since was movies, they really enjoyed doing it together so I guess he took comfort on keeping the activity on his own. At that time my sister(32F) got a two screen Netflix subscription and gave one to my dad so he could use it whenever she wanted.

During those four years I was able to get pretty much all of the rest and since my sister was paying for my dad’s netflix I thought I gave one of the screens to use. So no biggie.

I’ve been out of town ever since New Years Eve and I finally came back home a week ago. I told my dad that we should see a movie together in netflix or sum but he said that netflix ”wasn’t working”. I found it odd so I asked what he meant while taking his phone, he said that he asked my sister a few months ago but she said that ” it wasn’t working” so ”they’d to wait for it to work”.

I only hummed and tried to log in again but it didn’t let me so I called my sister asking for the password, she said she couldn’t share the account anymore because now that they had my nephew (2M) they were using one of the screens for him and another for her husband. This enraged me, I asked her why she didn’t told me before and why she lied to my dad, she said she didn’t had the heart to tell him and I told ”but you have the heart to lie to him, don’t you?” and hang up.

Since then I’ve gotten my dad a new netflix account and I’ve changed all of my passwords so only my dad and I have them, two days ago she called saying that my BIL wanted to watch GOT but the account kicked him out and I told her ”yeah, it was me”, she flipped and asked for the password because they can’t afford it on their own and I said ”well I didn’t had the heart to tell you” and I hang up the phone again.

My BIL texted me calling me petty and an AH, my dad’s oblivious to all of this. My sister called again and asked for the password of one of the platforms (you know, the children-friendly one) because my nephew wants to see Encanto and I said she has to apologize to my dad first, at least, and she said my nephews discomfort is on me.”

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