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AITA for unlocking my personal items box to teach my snooping father a lesson?

“I (29M) have a father (67M) who has always been a huge control freak over most aspects of my life. It’s always his way, or the highway.

Yes, even as I am almost about to turn 30, he always asks questions about things that he finds or that I do with my life. He has consistently went through my personal items as well growing up and even now.

Well, I’ve honestly been tired of it. As I have lived away from him, the stuff I have collected as someone who is gay, has a boyfriend, into a lot of interesting things… you get the picture. My d**dos, plugs, pup hoods, handcuffs, you name it, is in that box.

So this weekend… my father decided to visit me for an extended weekend. And of course, he has questioned everything I have organized and how I have done it to which I say, if you want to clean it or do better, be my guest; I’ll be at my computer gaming. I also told him to please not go through my certain box in the back closet, but he could clean and do whatever he wants with the rest of my closet/apartment.

I go outside to get the mail and come back, and there he is with a clearly traumatized look on his face as he sees one of my d**dos and pup hoods as my box I told him not to go into is completely open. He asked if it was for my girlfriend (still refuses to accept I am gay) and I say no, my BF and I use that.

I then added that it serves him right for feeling the way he is after I told him clearly to not go through that box, and that he should respect the privacy I should have as someone who is turning 30 and is independent.

We were going to go sightseeing in my town but now he’s in the main room just staring down at the floor clearly upset by what I said to him. However, I clearly told him to not go through my stuff, and he did, so I feel like he has no one to blame but himself.


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