Brothers like to give each other a hard time. I have two of them and when we get together, it can get…interesting…

But is it okay to embarrass a sibling in front of their girlfriend?

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AITA for saying my brother is married to our “precious mom” to his girlfriend?

“I really don’t think I was an a**hole but even my dad said I f**ked up so I had the need to write this to here.

We are 4 brothers. I am the biggest (38M),then there is K(32M), F(29M) and our smallest J(25M),who has been a surprise egg. J is the one I am talking about. Our mom is 62 years old and our dad is 64

When I was 15,my mom and my dad got a divorce(they were a terrible couple since I remember) I stayed with my dad permanently while my brothers moved to my mom’s hometown with my mom. I was studying in a private high school so I didn’t move,also I love my dad more. He is a much more stable and relaxed guy to live with.

My dad always made an effort to see my brothers and he would go to my mom’s hometown by plane weekly even if he was post night-shift(he is a surgeon). One by one,K and F started to move in with us because of education and mostly due to my mom being paranoid and controlling,except J.

J was always momma’s boy. When I would go to my mom’s house,he would never leave his side and after he turned 18,he rejected one of the best university offers in our country to stay with mom and went to vocational school. Then he started to take care of our mom full time even though she didn’t need.

They are currently like a married couple and my mom never really lets his leash. If he is traveling somewhere for work,our mom comes with him and stays in a nearby hotel. She maybe calls us once a month and when she calls,it is mostly about how J being a devoted son and we being a**holes who doesn’t give her any attention. We jokingly say they are a married couple and we are the side-chicks.

5 months ago,,J called us out of the blue and said he was in our town and he brought his girlfriend to meet with us. We were pleasantly surprised and when we met her,she was a really sweet girl. She was always very warm with my dad and my brothers but when we talked,it was always in a formal situation.

She would always call me Mr. Surname contrary to my dad and my brothers.It was weird but I thought she was raised in a hierarchal household so I let it go. A week ago,she called me and said she wanted to meet me. I said “Sure” and when we met up,she asked how could I leave my mom in an instance and abandon my siblings,how could I not care about my brother and why I basically betrayed my family. I started to laugh.

I told her everything from the divorce to now and said “My brother will always have mom first,you should get used to that.” Than I asked her their future plans and she realized it always involved mom. She was flabbergasted,said thanks and left the table.

Two days later J got front of my door d**nk and yelled “YOU MADE US BROKE APART,MOM WAS RIGHT YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A HOMEWRECKER. I H**E YOU AND I HOPE YOU D** ALONE.” I called the cops and he spent a night inside the detention.

Now all of my family thinks I wrecked his life,I think it was a long needed wake-up call. So, AITA?”

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