You ignore me, you’re gonna get stranded!

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AITA for leaving my girlfriend “stranded” when she chose to ignore me?

“I 27 went to a pumpkin patch with my girlfriend 22 and a bunch of her friends. I was told it was a couples thing but I was the only guy there. That’s fine. I am okay with her friends. I am past the whole cutesy date thing but I like making her happy.

But then they all started ignoring me. Every time I tried to join a conversation or spend time with my girlfriend I got frozen out. Like I was intruding. I asked her if she wanted to go do the corn maze with me and it was like I was some creepy guy at a bar. They all had to come along. Like I was trying to seperate her. I totally was but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Anyways they all decided to split up in the maze and my girlfriend went with them.

F**k this noise. I could go catch the Seahawks game if I boogied. So I texted her that she had five minutes to respond to me or I was going back to town to watch the game and she could get a ride back with her friends.

I was literally watching the second quarter before she responded. It took her that long to notice that I was gone. She said her friend would have to drive really far out of her way to drop her off and that I should come get her.

I was definitely over the limit and I told her to get an Uber and I would pay for it. She said never mind and spent the night at her place instead.

I just woke up to about fifty texts from her and her friends calling me an asshole for leaving without telling anyone.

I did tell her. She just chose to ignore me.

I’m kind of p**sed that I wasted all that gas and time and we never even got to actually spend time together. I’m upset with her and her bulls**t friends.


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