Should I stay or should I go…?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to get pretty annoyed with people who are habitually late and take forever to get ready.

And the guy you’re about to read a post from threw up his hands in frustration and bailed on his wife because he got tired of waiting on her.

Was he an a**hole?

Let’s take a look and see…

AITA I did not wait for my wife to get dressed.

“I (26M) and my wife (22F) have been married for a year.

She usually takes an extremely long time to get dressed and sometimes if she’s not happy with the look she’ll ask me to wait and wear another dress and do the makeup again. So we most often get late to events. Today, I had to go to my best friend’s home for his wedding anniversary.

So I told her to get ready on time. I even reminded her like 4 hours prior, I got her a salon appointment, etc. As usual she was running us late. My friend and his wife were stalling the celebratiom just for me.

I got mad at my wife and told her to find a way to my friend’s place herself and that I was leaving without her. She requested me to wait for her but I just left without her.

She didn’t come at all and called me saying she doesn’t want to come on her own because she doesn’t want all the attention to be on her due to being late.

I told her to do as she pleases and that she needs to be punctual if she wants to come somewhere with me. She started crying and cut the call.


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