Why do people feel the need to try to tell people what they should do with their own houses and their own yards?

It’s enough to make a person crazy!

And this guy was clearly NOT having it when his neighbor told him he should cut down the peach tree on his lawn.

Read on and let us know if you think he acted like an a**hole.

AITA for not cutting down a peach tree on my lawn?

“I(46M) have an apple tree in my backyard and a peach tree in my front yard. I am currently living in my parents house with my wife(46F). My mother and father planted them.

They passed away and we decided to plant more. I only trim them when the branches get too big. They are mostly for the wildlife in the nearby woods. The deer love to come and eat the fruit. I don’t spray them with any pesticides as they aren’t for consumption.

I work during the week and don’t get home until the evening. I haven’t had any issues with the neighbors as the house is mostly in the countryside and surrounded by woods. A few weeks ago, a new neighbor moved in to the house nextdoor. I haven’t had any interaction with them until now. I was not aware that the neighbor was coming over and grabbing fruit from the peach tree.

I get home yesterday and neighbor was standing on my porch. She comes storming over to my car and says The peaches made my son and I sick. I told her that the fruit was mostly for decoration and for the wildlife. She starts screaming at me and threatens to call the cops unless I take the trees down.

I told her no, I’m not going to take the trees down. My wife suggested going out to the grocery store and buying her some peaches to keep the peace.”

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