Are you one of those people who other folks are always asking for help?

In one way it’s flattering because they see you as reliable and steady…but it can also get pretty old, pretty fast.

And this guy seems like he’s about had it with his wife and her friend.

But did he act like an a**hole?

Let’s see what the heck is going on here...

AITA for refusing to help my wife and her friend anymore over what my wife calls a miscommunication?

“My wife, Emily, has a longtime friend, Leslie, who has recently become a single mother.

Leslie does not have a working vehicle at the moment and is working two jobs so Emily took it upon herself to help Leslie out as much as she can. Emily had started asking me to help as well in driving Leslie and her kids around, taking them to school/appointments, taking Leslie to the grocery store, etc, whenever Emily or someone else couldn’t.

I agreed since it made my wife happy and I understand the kind of situation Leslie is in. Helping has turned into Emily inviting Leslie and her kids over often, or organizing trips that they would like, such as camping or fishing.

A few times my wife was unable to attend these get-togethers she organized due to work and insisted they still take place leaving me to entertain Leslie and her kids on my own. Since I’ve known of Leslie my entire relationship with my wife I didn’t think too much about this.

The times that it has been me left with her, or sent in Emily’s stead to shuttle Leslie around, I’ve made normal small talk with her and her kids.

Recently, Leslie’s kids were going to be away for a weekend so Emily wanted to have Leslie over for dinner and some movies. She asked me to text Leslie to ask her over and when I did, Leslie replied with “Just as friends right? I’m not interested in being anyone’s girlfriend”.

I thought that response was out of left field so I asked her why she’d even say that and her response was pretty much “No guy would be asking me and my kids how we’re doing or helping me out unless he wanted something in return”.

I told Leslie it wasn’t anything like that and then showed my wife the conversation and informed her I would be stepping back from helping her with anything involving Leslie and to leave me out of any future plans. I also offered to show her the rest of my phone and anything else.

Emily believed me but she still talked to Leslie about it to see what had given her that impression and accordingly, she gave Emily the same answer. A few days later Leslie apologized to Emily and told her that her emotions and mind were just all over because of a down day.

That’s fine but I’m still not willing to help her or my wife out anymore as I had been because I don’t want any repeats or accusations hurled at me when I was helping as my wife asked. Emily thinks I’m overreacting and should just brush it off because it was just a ‘silly miscommunication’ she had on a bad day.


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