Are y’all ready to be turned on to some quality programming that you might be familiar with?

Heck yeah, you are!

And so am I!

Because I’m always looking for a quality new podcast to listen to, and these AskReddit users were nice enough to recommend ones that they say are top of the line.

Take a look at what they had to say.


“Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine.

It’s a semi-serious look at medical history, hosted by a doctor and her comedian husband.”

History lessons.

“History of Rome.

It’s about 200 episodes of incredible stories of the rise and fall of the entire Roman Empire.

The dude knows his stuff and he’ll actively will call out his own mistakes during the following episodes when he is wrong(which isn’t often).

He tells it in way better than any textbook. He almost never goes off the rails and talks about irrelevant material. And when he does its about baseball for like 4 seconds. He enjoys the topic and you can tell.”

Sounds cool.

“I’ve recently been super into Swindled!

It’s a narrative-based podcast in which the host describes cases of white-collar crime and other types of con artistry.

Absolutely worth listening to!”

Funny history.

“Lions Led by Donkeys.

Hilarious war history.

This is the only podcast I listen to regularly.

My favourite is the tagline for I think part 3 of the Battle of Kursk: “SS Soldiers chant ‘Lunch in Kursk, lunch in Kursk!’ They would not, in fact, be having lunch in Kursk.””


“Ologies is a ton of fun. As I imagine many listeners do, I really like the host Alie Ward.

She’s delightfully nerdy, open, honest, and kind. The pod itself is well structured with useful and interesting asides where Alie adds info among parts of the interview.

It’s a great way to be entertained while learning about somebody’s cool sciency job.”


“Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster.

Celebrities get to pick their dream meals.”

Two solid choices.

“Doughboys: Chain restaurants reviewed by two very funny people. Has a lot of good celebrity guests.

Blank Check: They cover a directors filmography from beginning to end. Very insightful without being serious.”

Who doesn’t love the ’90s?

“60 Songs That Explain the ’90s.

It’s more than 60, and got renewed.

It explains the history behind a very diverse selection of songs from the decade.”

Always sunny.

“The Always Sunny Podcast.

The episode where Rob talks about almost fighting a guy in the In-N-Out drive thru was both hilarious and super insightful.

Really get to see them through a different lens.”

Get smart!

“In Our Time.

It’s a BBC one in which Melvin Bragg (one of the best interviewers ever) talks to two or three academic experts in a random subject.

It covers arts, history and science.”

Whatever he wants to talk about.

“The Blind Boy Podcast.

I don’t listen to podcasts at all really, but I was put on to this one, and it’s actually been life changing. He’s an Irish musician, comedian, author and ex-prank phone caller.

The podcast is not funded by ads, so he doesn’t have to do any sponsored content. Just talks about what he wants to talk about. It’s soft, comical and oftentimes, mindful. He has tells funny stories and recounts his journey of self-care.

The winter blues this year were a lot less blue thanks to advice taken from his podcast.”


“Strict Scrutiny.

Three women law professors host this podcast about the US Supreme Court and the legal culture that surrounds it. The hosts clerked for Justices and have first hand experience.

The last few sittings of the court have been doozies and listening to the previews and breakdowns have been fascinating. The hosts are also super funny and help make the Court more accessible.”

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