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AITA for serving my sister’s husband dinner using toy utensils?

“I, m17, moved in with you sister after my parents kicked me out for coming out (another story) they said I’ll be here temporarily til I get back to “normal” which I don’t think I will, lol.

But uh…anyways, so I moved in with my sister and her husband about a month ago. FYI she does everything around the house (I started helping here and there) as well as looking after a 2 year old niece and now she’s 6 months pregnant.

BIL does nothing because he’s the breadwinner as he claims but imo he’s taken it a bit too far. e.g he’d tell her to start his laundry once he takes off his clothes, put dinner on the table once he’s home, get the shower ready and so on.

They fight a lot cause my sister is exhausted and burnt out, I usually put my headphones on and mind my own business but 2 nights ago there was a lot of commotion once heart home so I went to see what the issue was. Turns BIL was complaining about dinner and my sister was too exhausted to get up.

I mean the dinner was already cooked but he wanted her to put it for him on the table. I told my sister I’d do it, but instead of using their kitchen utensils, I used my niece’s toy utensils like toy cup, toy plate, toy fork and knife and a tiny napkin. I put the food on the toy plate and the drink in the toy cup while BIL was in the shower. He then came into the kitchen and sat down and stared at the plate for few seconds.

He then looked at me and asked what the hell this was, and whether I was joking. I told him if he wanted to act like a helpless child, then he might as well get treated like one. He began yelling and my sister came inside. He then threw the napkin and stormed off upon saying that I’d disrespected him and that he’ll let my parents know about what I did.

My sister saw what I’d done and started laughing. I went inside my room but the argument didn’t stop, now he’s expecting an apology for me for meddling in his marriage and pulling this cr**py stunt on him. I could be TA for this but I was just so mad for my sister and also sick and tired of being sick and tired of the nightly fighting over dinner.”

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