Is it really anyone’s business what your relationship status is?

I guess it depends on the situation, right?

Check out this story and see if you think this woman acted like an a**hole because her co-workers think she’s married.

AITA for making my co-workers think I’m married?

“Hello, I (32 F) have been working at a law firm for 6 years. My high school sweetheart (J) d**d at 24. Before he d**d he had proposed, I said yes.

I was so struck with grief that I could never bring myself to take off the ring he gave me. Around 2 years ago I finally moved on and chose to adopt a girl, (L). Everyone at the firm assumes I’m married due to the ring and kid. One of my co-workers (C) apparently had a crush on me. I invited a group of friends from work over for my birthday and they all asked about my husband.

I told them how he had passed and it was just me and my daughter. They were all a bit shocked but didn’t say more, except for C. He lost it and said “So you’ve just been lying to us?? For all these years? I can’t believe you!” And stormed out. He didn’t show up to work for a day and when he returned he didn’t even look me in the eye.

A few co-workers asked me to apologize but I just don’t think I need to. I’m just wondering if I’m the a**hole.”

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This person said this woman is NTA and that she shouldn’t care that her co-worker has a crush on her.

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