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This man recently got real with his father about why they were never close…and now he wants to know if he acted like an a**hole.

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AITA for revealing to my dad’s wife the real reason why me and him were never close?

“My dad practically gave me up to his sister from the moment I (27M) was born. My mom died when she was giving birth to me. And my aunt told me he never recovered from that because he blamed me for her dying.

It hurt a lot as a kid that at family events he would ignore my existence. When I was a little older he got more vocal about me “killing” her and he can’t stand to look at my face.

You can imagine the amount of therapy that put me in. I used to go to church crying because I was scared about going to hell for doing that to my mom. That’s how much his words f**ked me up. But the sh**ty part was that I never stopped trying to be accepted by him.

After my high school graduation he told me to never bother him again since he legally has no obligation to me anymore (since he was sending my aunt money to take care of me). Around that time is when I finally started accepting that reality so from there we moved on with our lives.

My aunt doesn’t talk to me about him. Sometimes my grandparents do and that’s how I found out he got married. They were mad he didn’t invite me to their wedding but to me it didn’t matter because we’re not close. But it was his wife who wanted to meet me.

It’s the first time ever that he wants to make contact and it was to pretty much say she wants me on their life. She doesn’t know the real reason about why we’re estranged, he asked me to please not say anything and maybe this could be a way to reconcile after all.

But he was only doing it for her. That much was clear when we talked. I never said I would be he still insisted on us meeting at their place because she really wanted to meet me. All she thinks is we were estranged for not getting along in my teenager years, going to college and losing touch because of “life stuff.” It p**sed me off that he played it off as us just not talking for petty reasons meanwhile the actually reason damaged me for years.

I told her the truth. Everything he said to me. That he was never a parent to me, that was all my aunt. It was definitely a shock for her. The outcome was a disaster. Everyone has heard about this now. My grandma’s in particular told me she understands my anger. But this was his chance finding someone since losing my mom and now it’s been put in jeopardy.

My dad is devastated. They think it was going too far to ruin his marriage that way when he was willing to include me in their lives which could have been the start of our relationship. And they say not only did I ruin that but also possibly wrecked his marriage. She just doesn’t agree at all with what he did and it could’ve been avoided if I didn’t say anything.

For me it was hard not to tell the truth after the lies made it seem like it was nothing serious. I couldn’t ignore what happened after what it did. Idk if it was the right call since it put their whole marriage at risk after all.”

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