I don’t know about you, but if someone destroys anything in my house, they’re probably not getting invited back.

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AITA for screaming at & banning my SIL & niece from my home after they DESTROYED my houseplants?

“Years ago I got really into houseplants and started to collect them. Over the years I’ve had up to 70, but whittled my collection down to about 35, just the ones I really love.

My niece Jenny (14F) has developed an interest in plants and will come over and we will talk about them and she helps with propagation and repotting.

I had to go out of town for two weeks to take care of some work stuff so I asked SIL and Jenny if they could plant sit for me. I told Jenny I would pay but also give her a few cuttings as a trade off.

They agreed and when they came over I gave a tour and explained the care needed, and also showed off a few prized plants. SIL asked how much a few of them ran me and I did share. This didn’t seem weird bc the family knows and Ive gotten some plants as gifts.

Well I returned from my trip and was horrified. They watered and gave the right amount of light, but they also decided to give a lot of my plants haircuts. Big ones.

My prized cebu blue pothos mother plant was destroyed. The climbing one too. My manjula pothos had been done the same. My golden that I trained up my stairwell. My string of pearls, hearts, and ruby necklace all destroyed. My silver stripe philodendron.

The worst was that my pink princess philo had been reduced to two leaves. And my albo monstera is down to three. I don’t even think they got nodes necessarily. These plants are expensive and prized.

I basically broke down and when they came to meet me to give back my key I screamed and screamed at them. Jenny started crying saying I said I would give her cuttings so she thought it was okay. I screamed at her to go home and get what she stole from me and bring it back NOW because SHE KNEW I DIDN’T MEAN SHE COULD DESTROY MY F**KING PLANTS

SIL got between us and said “what’s done is done.”

I said no way, you’re returning EVERYTHING Jenny said “Mom already sold most of them on marketplace” I lost it and just screamed and screamed at them until Jenny was crying and her mom got in my face and told me I was having a tantrum over plants. I told her to get the f**k out of my house and don’t EVER come anywhere near me or my home again. I called my brother (SIL husband) and he was shocked and said they told him I said it was all okay.

He brought me the stuff she hadn’t sold yet and apologized. I told him I never ever want either of them in the same room as me again, they’re horrible, AWFUL, irredeemable people and that I hope they both burn in Hell where they belong.

He told me he gets that I’m upset but that I’m taking it too far and that family means not holding grudges. I told him to leave, and I cried for the rest of the day. I am posting because I need to know if my edict is over the top and if I’m overreacting.

So AITA for telling them that they are NO LONGER WELCOME in my home and not even wanting them in the SAME ROOM?”

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