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AITA for telling my girlfriend to cover up her body when strangers enter the home?

“I am FULLY aware the title sounds s**ist but hear me out, please.

My girlfriend comes from a wealthy background and grew up with maids, chefs, chauffeurs etc. I was raised in a completely opposite environment and still adjusting to dating someone like her.

When we’re not with her parents, we spent a lot of time at one of her apartments. Here’s the issue: my gf likes to walk around home barely wearing anything which is fine (awesome even) BUT she does this even when the ‘help’ are around.

For example last month her family hired a new driver for her. He stopped by the apartment to introduce himself. She was only wearing underwear. Keep in mind, this is the FIRST time they’ve met in person. I felt awkward, he was visibly awkward and she didn’t give a s**t at all. She was casually chatting to him while a scrolling away on her phone.

She does this all the time. She doesn’t think she needs to wear any decent amount of clothes at all when people that work for her are around. She will casually walk around wearing just a thong OR a tiny crop top (just a crop top, nothing else).

She even does this with complete strangers! One time she opened the door for the delivery guy wearing only a see through gown. You could see everything. Afterwards I talked to her about it and she was utterly confused as to why I felt uncomfortable. Then she laughed and told me to “stop being a jealous baby”. She even said that I’m unreasonable.

We had another discussion about this yesterday and I told her that she probably wouldn’t feel comfortable if I did the same. She said that she doesn’t understand why I care what her staff think and that it never even crossed her mind that this is inappropriate. She told me that she only does this in the comfort of her home and not in front of“actual people” i.e. people that don’t work for her.

She got kinda mad at me and vented to her friends. According to all of them, I’m “weird” for having a problem with this and an a**hole for telling my GF to cover up. Somehow I’m the villain of this story.

Am I really the a**hole?”

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