Babysitting can be an absolute nightmare

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Read on to see if you think this man was out of line for telling his sister he’d never babysit for her again.

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AITA for telling my sister I am never babysitting for her again?

“I (37M) am single, childfree and have two dogs (German Shepherd mixes). They are very well behaved and super nice, my niblings (aged 2-13) love them.

I have 4 sisters and they have 10 kids total, so I babysit A LOT. I work from home and am pretty much always available to watch the older ones (since I can easily work while they are in my appartment) and when they need care for the little ones, I just move my schedule around a bit.

Yesterday 4 of my niblings were at my place (ages 3, 5, 7 and 8). 7 and 8 are siblings.

I have just one super strict rule at my house: no chocolate. It’s deadly for dogs, I don’t like it anyway and kids can easily go an afternoon without it.

The 7 and 8yro obviously brought chocolate with them and shared with 3 and 5yro. I was in the kitchen making them drinks, they were in the living room. My dogs were sleeping on the balcony.

I came into the living room and there were obviously chocolate crumbs everywhere. I asked who had the chocolate and 7 and 8yro admitted that mom gave it to them and they always have some with them, but usually eat it in secret.

When my sister came to pick them up a few hours later, I told her what happened and she said that her kids are big enough not to make a chocolate mess. I told her I’m never babysittinv for her again.

She is furious and says I overreacted. Another sister of mine agrees with her. My mother thinks I am wrong for putting my dogs before the children.


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One reader said he is NTA and that it sounds like these kids are taught to lie.

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Another individual said that this is all about an entitled person taking advantage of boundaries.

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And this Reddit user sarcastically said the sister sounds like a great role model.

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