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AITA for taking money from my wife’s fun account to pay for my computer she broke?

“My wife is a stay at home mom. She works hard taking care of our kids and maintaining our home.

I do what we have agreed is a fair portion of the housework and all of the yardwork. She has full access to all of our accounts except for my personal spending account. I put the exact same amount into her personal spending account but I can only deposit not withdraw.

I have a home office but I do not work from home it is just a place I can go to sit and catch up on anything I might need to from work and also play video games or play with my toys.

My wife also has a room that is dedicated to her and her hobbies.

I have asked her multiple times to please leave my room alone. I clean it myself. I take my dishes to the kitchen and either wash them or place them in the dishwasher. I take out my own trash. When I play with my kids in my office I clean up after all of us.

When my wife joins me in my office for video games I clean up afterwards. There is quite literally no reason for her to do anything in there when I am not in it. I do not have a lock on my door but I do have my laptop password protected.

I like to line up some of my collection of Lego Minifigs by my screen on my laptop. I like to imagine that Batman and Spider-man are watching me work. I know it is silly but I like it.

For some reason my wife decided to go clean my office. I guess she needed to move my laptop so she closed it. Not all the way because my Minifigs were in the way.

When I came home she told me what happened. The screen was not working at all. I had to get my old monitor out and hook it up so I could check and see if anything else was busted.

It was just the screen. I checked and it would cost about $250 for parts and labor to replace my screen. So I decided to replace the laptop and use the old one with my old monitor for the kids. It was fine other than the non working screen.

The cost to replace my laptop was only $600, Yay Black Friday.

So I took $350 from my account and I took $250 from the money I was going to deposit into her personal account for December and I got my new computer.

This will in no way affect our budget for anything other than our own personal side projects and hobbies. I was looking forward to getting myself a new Lego set to work on with my kids over the holidays but now I will have to rebuild one of my old ones with them. Which is also fun

Well now she is p**sed at me because she has to cut back on her fun stuff for December. She likes to have a spa day with her mom for example. I said that I wasn’t responsible for my computer being broken and that she 100% was.

She said it was an accident and that I should forgive her. I said I wasn’t upset, but that if she felt I should forgive her then I fully forgive her but she still has to help me pay for a new laptop.


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