What is up with all these stories on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page that revolve around people not wanting to pay their fair share of rent with their partners?

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Is this guy an a**hole for wanting his girlfriend to pay her share of the rent?

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AITA for expecting my GF to pay her share of the rent?

“My gf and I have been dating for a year and we want to move in together.

We want a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment or townhouse near my work. I’m a 2nd year pathology resident and my residency is 5 years long. She works from home and wants an office. She also makes 120k and I only make 68k. So our rent is $1800/month + utilities and she wants to go half on both rent and utilities so we would both pay roughly 1000 a month.

Because she is using one of the rooms as her office I feel like she should pay more so I should pay $700 and she should pay $1300. She thinks even if she is using an extra room because living near the hospital is very expensive I should pay half because we could get a cheaper place if I don’t live near work.

She thinks is because we are paying more to live near my work so I don’t have to pay for gas I should pay half for rent. I find she’s being selfish because she makes much more than mean, and once I complete my residency I can easily make $350k a year or more.

But according to her it’s not fair for her to wait 3 years to “potentially get paid back” because we could breakup and she would have “subsidized” me. To me if she isn’t willing to pay a bit more to put some skin in the game she’s being a gold digger and waiting for me to make bank without giving anything in the first place.

We argued about this a few times and I just want to know if I’m crazy in my thinking or she’s being selfish.”

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