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AITA for not driving my wife to our son’s wedding since I’m not invited?

“My son had his wedding days ago. We had some past issues that affected our relationship. No we’re not on speaking terms after he decided to sell his grandmother’s home (my wife’s mother) instead of keeping it.

He sent his mom an invitation but didn’t include me. I was fine with that, didn’t try to fight back or anything. But however, I refused to drive my wife to the wedding. She’s disabled and cannot drive and we live 3 hrs away. I said that since I’m not invited to the wedding, nor am I taking part in it then I shouldn’t have to drive there.

My wife told me I was being unreasonable and that I was punishing her for our son’s decision but I told her it was on her to make travel arrangement since she’s an adult. Or, he could’ve provided proper means of transportation for her and not assume I’d go there when I’m not welcome. We had an argument and she ended up being taken there by my brother.

She refused to speak to me upon her return and my brother said I was in the wrong for letting her fend for herself when me and my car were available.”

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One person brought up a good point: why should he drive 6 hours round-trip for this?

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But another reader said you do things like this for people you love.

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And this Reddit user said he did the right thing by staying home.

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