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AITA for refusing to watch my niece after the stunt her mother pulled?

“I would like to preface that me (24f) and my sister (22f) are young mothers.

She likes to go out a lot, I don’t. Just this past weekend, she wanted to go out to dinner and asked me to watch my niece. I agreed thinking it would be only a few hours. I honestly don’t mind watching her.

However, it was getting close to 10pm, so I called her and got no response. I then called our parents and they haven’t heard from her either. They didn’t even know that I was watching my niece. I was getting worried, calling around and no one heard from her.

It wasn’t until the next morning, I hear a knock on my door. I opened it, and of course… my sister picking up her daughter. I ask her where the hell she’s been and she told me she never went to dinner. She went to a PARTY with a friend and got home at midnight and fell asleep.

I told her to never ask me to watch her again. And that she signed up to be a parent, and need to sort out her priorities. Like, she chose to party than to watch her own child. She’s p**sed and hasn’t talked to me since, but she tells our parents how much of an a**hole I am.

My parents are making me feel guilty for not wanting to watch her overnight. They said that I need to help her, but I have an infant to take care of. I don’t think she told them the whole truth but I’m not sure, but AITA?”

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