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AITA for refusing to punish my daughter for taking all the apples that my wife’s folks brought from their home country?

“My wife “Lisa” has been sick for the past couple of weeks. Her folks came over to visit (they live in another country) and brought with them some gifts and a small bag of apples.

I was in the backyard while Lisa was with her folks. in about 30 minutes I hear my daughter “Alex” (16) shouting “dad dad!!” from the kitchen. I head over to the kitchen and see Alex and Lisa fighting. I ask Lisa why she was yelling at Alex and she tells me that Alex took all the apples my inlaws brought from home and shared them with her friends upstairs.

I tell her Alex probably didn’t know but she tells me that she explicitly told Alex not to touch them. I ask Alex if that was true and she tells me yes but that she and her friends couldn’t find anything else edible. Lisa goes over to the fridge and opens it saying the fridge was literally full of snacks and Alex did this just to spite her and basically “steal” from her.

I tell Lisa to calm down and that I’d go get her some from the grocery store, Lisa replies that those apples are special because they’re from her home country and she needed them for her recovery. She goes on to tell me Alex intended to do this and so something needs to happen, a punishment should he issued.

I tell Alex to go upstairs and Lisa and I start arguing. I refuse to punish Alex because even if what she did was intentional she’s a kid and it’s typical behavior. Lisa starts ranting about how this scenario keeps happening and I never take a stand but I reply that she’s just obssessed with having my daughter punished for some reason. She stops arguing now and stares at me. She then walks out and goes to stay with her folks until they’d left.

Later she avoids me and refuses to speak to me. I found this whole thing quite ridiculous because Alex is just a kid and so she acts without thinking sometimes but Lisa tends to get oversensitive and think everyone is out to get her or something. I’m genuinly confused by her insistance to turn this into a huge deal.”

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