You’d like to think that if you achieve something big in your life, your family will be there to support you AND they’ll be excited about it.

So does this young woman have the right to be upset about her family not caring about her college graduation?

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AITA For Being Upset That My Family Didn’t Care That I Graduated?

“So I (21F) graduated from community college yesterday.

I’m proud of myself because I struggled greatly with it due to mental health issues as well as my ADHD. It took me a little longer than community college probably should, but I finished it finally and that’s what matters.

I also have a few cousins around my age (22F twins, and another 22F) that also graduated this weekend, but they went to bigger universities. I woke up to a bunch of facebook posts by my family congratulating all of them and saying how proud they were of all of them for graduating (of course I’m proud of them as well, I sent my congratulations to each of them individually).

I however didn’t get anything of the sorts, even though my family knew that I would be graduating as well, and it honestly hurt a bit. My family doesn’t really view community college in the best light so I’m sure that comes into play with everything, but I still feel like it’s unfair that I didn’t get any acknowledgments.

I vented to my mom about it and she just called me dramatic for wanting all that attention, but I feel like it’s warranted at least a little bit.

So, AITA for being upset that I didn’t get any recognition for graduating even though my cousins did?”

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