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AITA for tipping a Domino’s delivery driver?

“My GF and I order in a lot for date nights for logistical reasons. Like a lot. She really likes dominos pizza, it’s an easy food for her and she has texture/sensory issues.

I’m not gonna judge, I certainly don’t mind anything whatever she wants to eat, it’s hard finding stuff she likes at restaurants that won’t upset her stomach or set off the texture thing. She just has a thing where she is the one that HAS to order the food, and she never does more than 12% tip

Problem is we have been ordering a lot and the same guy has been coming the last half dozen times and he’s always been great. Never a problem, friendly, on time, hot, no issues with the pizza going sideways and being a mess when it arrives and so on.

One time he even grabbed us an extra thing of garlic dipping sauce and she wasn’t complaining when she used that. When I saw his name yet again this time (it’s an unmistakable name) I started thinking. I grabbed a five from my wallet and brought it with me when I answered the door. I asked the guy “hey can you accept direct tips, like from me?” and he said yeah so I offered him the money and took the food.

My GF overheard and got on me about being a condescending a**hole about the fact being a regular joe just trying to make ends meet is hard enough without pity handouts or my savior complex.

Plus she said I was undermining her, which was the big thing and that she feels I just called her cheap and undervaluing work, despite her having been in retail, but she said that’s literally what he gets paid to do, that’s the bare minimum, and that’s that.

It’s really messed up date night and she’s super pissed with me now. I just wanted to recognize that this guy was doing a lot of work and helpful and always nice to us, that he even goes above what we ask.

Idk, maybe it came across condescending, and like I was calling her tip not good enough?”

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