Stay classy, teenage customers at Hooters!

You can probably imagine some of the BS that waitresses at the famous restaurant chain have to put up with on a daily basis, but now you can add another annoying thing to that long list: teenage customers who act like total jerks when they aren’t served booze.

A Hooters waitress made a viral TikTok video and said that a group of teenage boys didn’t leave her a tip and left a crude drawing on their bill after she refused to serve the underage kids al**hol.

When she went to retrieve the bill, the waitress noticed that the bill had a middle finger drawn on it, leaving no doubt that these kids pretty unhappy about being denied.

Check out her video where she talks about what happened.

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The video went viral and TikTok users shared their thoughts about what happened.

One person said,“Guys turn 16 and get a single hair on [their] chin and think they can pass for 21.”

Another view added, “The restaurant that I worked at would kick people out and not give this a chance to happen”, referring to underage kids even asking to be served beer.

But another individual had a different take on the situation. They said, “Stop accepting tiered adulthood as the norm…literally 99% of all the other countries allow al**hol at 18.”

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