Sometimes, you can just tell

I’m talking about getting that feeling that someone is totally insecure.

And everyone has their own Spidey Sense when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Check out what AskReddit users think screams “I’m insecure”.

1. Not cool.

“One uppers.

Literally my dad. “Yeah ok you graduated so I guess you want a party or something? I went to the Marines son. Do a tour of duty then we can talk….”

I was sad as f**k that day.”

2. Can’t handle it.

“People who tear other people down as a joke but then get mad when they get it handed back to them.

Clearly they either aren’t joking or are too sensitive to be dishing out s**t.”

3. We’re in love!

“Elaborate Instagram and Facebook posts declaring your love for your significant other over and over…”

4. Nailed it.

“Guys that drive lifted trucks and take the mufflers off to sound like they have a big engine.”

5. Both of these.

“Being overly defensive. Like when someone receives the smallest crumb of criticism, and they make a big song and dance out of it.

That, and also seeing a group of people laughing in public and immediately assuming they’re laughing at you.”

6. Back to me…

“When your significant other comes to you about their personal issues and stresses and you get defensive and make it about you.”

7. See it all the time.

“When people are unable to admit that they don’t know something.

It’s really bad.”

8. So gross.

“A relationship partner trying to tear down the confidence and self worth of their partner in a bizarre method of trying to keep them.”

9. Let me tell you about myself.

“People that constantly need to tell you/remind you of any of the following…

That they make a lot of money

That they get laid all the time

How hard they work out/How much they can bench

That they can drink al**hol/do drugs to excess and everyone else is a “lightweight”

That they’ve won a lot of fights.”

10. Trust me, I’m loaded.

“They always take about money.

People who always have to find a way to tell you how much money they make and have.

They also brag about how much they spent and how expensive that thing they bought was….. without you asking.”

11. Get over it.

“When you’re quick to be “brutally honest” with others, but have a meltdown when someone does it back to you.”

12. Always have it worse.

“Always having it worse.

In my office is the worse. If I had a headache, coworker has a headache and colitis.

If it took me one hour to get to the office on Monday, that’s nothing compared to that one time they were stuck in traffic for two hours.

They always have it worse.”

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