It’s time for some real talk, friends!

Because we’re going to hear from folks today about what they envy most about the opposite gender.

Are y’all ready for this?!?!

Let’s get started!

1. Jealousy.

“I went hiking with a friend once.

He needed to pee and I was glad to get to rest for a while, take in the scenery and have a bite. All he did was go a bit off the trail, find a tree and returned within two minutes.

When it was my turn to go to pee, I had to go behind a bush. When I returned, I found he had sat down and was halfway through his sandwich.

I have never irrationally h**ed someone so much in my entire life.”

2. Gross!

“Cleaner bathrooms.

Where I work, the women have had to have meetings about bathroom etiquette twice in the last year.

The men have never had one.”

3. Feeling down.


One period problem: hormonal depression.

I got so depressed that I was prescribed birth control to keep my hormones from going feral and making me want to off myself.”

4. Beauty.

“Women’s bodies can be so much more beautiful than men’s bodies.

Sure it takes work to look good, but that’s universal across the genders.

All things being equal, women are so beautiful.”

5. Enough of that.

“The ability to have a sh**ty day without being told I should smile.

I walk to the elevator in hour ten of a 12 hour shift on my fifth day in a row after getting a call from my cousin. I’m exhausted and it’s 4AM. He tells me my half brother committed suicide. Guy on the elevator tells me I’d be prettier if I’d smile.

Different occasion. Walking in a parking lot. “Let me see that pretty smile you have.” … I’d been diagnosed with cancer three days earlier and was facing the real possibility that I wouldn’t be able to have kids as a result. I ended up having to have a hysterectomy. Day after tomorrow is my cancerversary. So far as I know, I’m in remission.”

6. True.

“Women are allowed to be masculine in most Western countries now.

But it’s still looked down upon for a man to be feminine.”

7. Ignored.

“Being sporadically hit on by members of the opposite s**.

I understand well how this could become annoying, even maddening, but men can live their entire lives without once getting their masculine desirability affirmed like that.”

8. Men…

“They are taller, they can eat more, they do not need makeup to look good, for them it is easier to reach top management positions, they do not put so much effort in work/kids balance.”

9. Safety concerns.

“The ability to go on walks at night, to not have to text your friend your location if your going somewhere new, to be less likely for someone to drug your drink, to go to clubs without being SA’d, to not have your mind go to the worst possible outcome if you see a man on a dimly lit street.”

10. Give it a shot.

“Wearing yoga pants.

They look so comfy!”

11. Not as big of a deal.

“Not having to worry as much about looks. This isn’t me saying that looks aren’t important for men.

But I see so many dudes just not care. They put in minimal effort into their looks and I do everything and Im still told I don’t look good enough.

I get men saying “the average woman does better on dating apps than the average man.” But like…the average man looks worse than the average woman.

I use a ton of products for everything.

Hair Care: 2-3 different shampoos, 2 different conditioners, hot oil treatments, leave in, curl definer, grease, detangler, heating caps, silk caps, silk pillows

Skincare: 2 Different cleansers, toner, serums, BHA, lotion, Vaseline, lip mask, 2 different sunscreens

Body Care products: Cleanser, shaving cream, scrub, razor, body lotion, body oil

And that isn’t taking into account nail and foot care. Or makeup and perfumes or fitness.

I enjoy doing these things. Dont get me wrong. Would be nice though if society didn’t try and find ways to make you feel like you aren’t enough just because you aren’t perfect. And saying “Just become your best self” is another way people essentially mean perfect.”

12. Bingo.

“Traveling anywhere alone.

Like travelling to another country, going on a walk outside, to a bar, to anywhere considered male dominated, like a job. I work in tech and already struggle with it. Being taken seriously.

Ease of connection with other people, like women are so evil about beauty and the competitiveness around it. I don’t see guys h**ing each other over looks. I just want to f**king exist without persecution.”

Now it’s your turn!

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