Life can sometimes be a game of inches

And things can go from great to awful in the blink of an eye…

How did someone you know ruin their life in an instant?

Check out these stories from AskReddit users…and be thankful none of these happened to you.

Total creep.

“Pushed his girlfriend down a flight of stairs in front of almost everyone he knew seconds after she announced to everyone that she was pregnant with his kid.

I ain’t sure if she miscarried or if she just decided not to have that psychos kid, but he spent a few years in prison over it and he ain’t welcome anywhere no more.

She walks with a cane at 30.”


“Guy I knew in uni was inebriated and decided to try and clear a very tall spiked wrought iron fence.

He impaled his balls and did not get to keep them.”

Terrible story.

“He had just turned 19. Summer after senior year. Dad owns a very lucrative lumber sales and construction company.

He got a brand new truck for graduation, and was going to start his job after summer ended with his dad. Train to be a foreman, and basically be set for life on a path to retire extremely comfortably by the age of 55.

He decided to take a bunch of pills and ran a red light. T-boned a car ki**ing the driver instantly and crippling the passenger for life. He got off with vehicular manslaughter because his dad forked out big money to get the charges lessened.

He served 13 years and got out last year. He just walks around the town now because he can’t get work, own a license or vehicle.”


“Had a friend from high school who decided to “opt out” by jumping off the roof at his mom’s house.

He landed in such a way that he survived, but is now paralyzed from the chest down – as in: can’t even breathe for himself and fully reliant on home health aids and his mom, whom he despised and named as the reason he wanted out of life (it’s fair that she was a full blown heroine addict at this point and was a s**t show herself).”

Out of whack.

“My friend’s brother got too d**nk, got v**lent. Cops came and he fought them.

Once restrained, he started threatening to find and k**l their children. Never seemed to get his life back on track after that.”


“A 19 yo guy in Sydney ate a slug for a dare. Got Rat Lungworm disease.

Went into a coma for 18 months, woke up a vegetable confined to wheelchair needing 24 hour care.

D**d about 10 years later. From eating a single slug…..”


“Worked in Seattle Airport and a coworker decided to take his own life by stealing an airplane, fly it in loops around the Pacific Northwest air space while being chased by the Air Force untill finally going nose down.”

Sorry for your loss.

“A week ago, my little sister slipped on the ice getting out of her car and hit her head.

She didn’t think much of it when she had a pounding headache later, figuring she just whacked herself good. Her friend told her to just sit down and take it easy until she started slurring her words roughly 10 hours after the fall.

They called an ambulance for her, but she was going into cardiac arrest. Turns out she’d stopped taking her blood thinners she was supposed to be on for clotting issues – the headache wasn’t the fall, it was the clot in her leg cutting off blood to the brain.

At the age of 26, she never recovered and leaves behind a 4 year old and 2 year old.”

D**nk driving.

“He got d**nk, got in his car, drove 90 miles per hour, missed a red light and k**led my niece and three other people.

He’s been in prison since 2009 and still has 6 years to go, as he plead out to four counts of manslaughter.”


“Some kid in our senior year of high school pulled the fire alarm every day.

He was getting away with it for a while. The school had town officials and the chief of the fire department and police come in and talk about the dangers. The town would send trucks and be without them if there was another emergency.

None of that worked. When they offered a reward the kid’s friend’s ratted him out. His family had to pay for all those calls, he was expelled from school and didn’t graduate.”

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