You’d have to find something pretty disturbing to turn down $300, don’t you think?

But people are weird and you never, ever know what you’re gonna find out there!

What could you find that would make you keep the money from a wallet instead of turning it in or giving it back?

Here’s what folks had to say about this on AskReddit.

Some people…

“I found a wallet on the ground at a gas pump at a gas station, it had a business name on it, so I googled the business and called and told her that I found her credit card at the gas pump at x gas station and I was bringing it to the cashier and she angrily demanded my name and personal information as if I had stolen her card.

Some people- smh.”


“Went out to get lunch, found a wallet in the parking lot, found them on Facebook and they were incredibly rude.

Had me meet them at a Walgreens they chose, they were almost 45 minutes late then took the wallet and didn’t even say thank you.”


“Only ever found two wallets in my life.

One was very kind and thankful, the other threatened me if anything was missing.”

You should at least try.

“Once I found around $800 in cash near the entrance to a Whole Foods. I turned it in to customer service and they asked me for my phone number and said that if no one had claimed it in 48 hours, they would give it to me.

About two hours later I got a phone call from a girl nearly in tears thanking me because that was her money for rent. So, I feel like even if you find no context with money or a wallet, there are ways to try to get it back to whoever it belongs to.”

A good deed.

“Found a wallet outside my work with about $600 in it.

Didn’t recognize the face as a coworkers so I brought it home and mailed it to the address on it the next day.

I’ve been getting Christmas cards from them every year since then.”

It worked out.

“I found a wallet with about $350 & a Florida ID- I live in NYC.

The person looked like they could be about student aged, so I wasn’t sure mailing the wallet to Florida was gonna be the fastest way to help them.

Luckily they also had a Wells-Fargo debit card, so I went to a Wells Fargo & they were able to contact the guy. Glad it all worked out!”

What a guy…

“I found a wallet with $2,300 in it and I tracked the guy down.

He was very rude and said “It all better be here!”

He counted it out and then  didn’t say anything else.

I wished I had kept the money after seeing the a**hole that lost it.”


“Found a total of three wallets during my time here in NYC.

Two had no cash but ID and credit cards. Third had 20 bucks and all the other stuff. Hunted down all three and gave them back.

All were just happy to get the ID back which is a bitch to replace. Lost mine after all this and had the same done for me. Karma is not always a b**ch!”

On the beach.

“I was just vacationing in the tropics. Found a wallet on the beach. No money, but ID, cc’s, medicare card, etc.

Checked the FB and a few other major socials, but couldn’t find anything. Googled the name and city/state and found her workplace. They got us in touch and we got it back to her about an hour later. She hadn’t even noticed it was missing yet.

When we met up she offered $50 that I tried to politely decline and she basically threw it at my spouse – haha!

Really, it wasn’t a big deal. Just some googling and phone calls while we were sitting on a beautiful, sunny beach sipping a heavily overpriced frozen beverage.

But we understood that we were in a US territory and she may not have brought a passport, so potentially her only ID and all her easy ways to get money were in the wallet. Getting home was going to suck without it. Was the right thing to get it back to her.

Hope someone does the same if I’m ever in the same situation.”

No ID.

“I actually did find a wallet once with about 50 bucks in it and nothing else, which was weird.

I felt bad because I assume it probably belonged to a kid who didn’t carry ID yet, was probably a lot of money to him.”


“I once found a wallet with approx $2000 when I was a teenager.

The money was inside a hidden compartment. I handed over it to the police. Turns out some elderly person got his apartment broken into, and the thief stole his wallet but didnt find the 2000$ so threw it out on the curb.

Police called me 1 hrs after and told me the son wanted to meet me and thank me. He handed me a $50 that I accepted.

It might not seem much, but I was really proud of myself and there’s sooo much gratification in seeing someone really happy.”

The best policy.

“Honesty is the best feeling!

When U was about 11 years old i was out with my mum and found a purse with £50 in, we went to the local police station and handed it in and a few hours later in the day, an old lady came over to the house to thank us and gave me chocolates and £10 to say thank you for finding it and turning it in.”

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