This promises to be a very interesting article because I’m willing to bet that just about every single person on the planet has a different answer to the question, “how do you know if someone truly loves you?”

But, as they say, love is what makes the world go ’round!

So let’s dig into the answers1

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. There it is!

“I heard a story once about the man who invented rubber cleaning gloves. As the story goes, his wife was a cleaning lady who’s hands would come home calloused and raw.

He wanted to make something for her that would save her the pains she went through. The phrase I remember they used was,

“He loved her to the point of invention.””

2. Just the way you are.

“They don’t question your weirdness.

They’re there for you when you feel incredibly low and don’t judge you.

They push you to do better.

They’re accepting of who you are.”

3. A priority.

“You’re a priority, not an option.

I spent so much of my life compromising for people who I was maybe halfway down their list. I had to fight for their attention, was always feeling like I was bothering them. I didn’t know any better.

Until I found my now husband. I never, ever question where I stand on his list. I come first. It’s a completely different like, world. It took me so long to find this, and I will never take for granted how lucky I am.”

4. Wonderful surprises.

“My husband had to have his spine fused and the Doc said he’d not be able to bend and tie his shoes and I said ‘that’s ok, I’ll do it’.

To repay me, he’d leave little love notes hidden in books, jewelry box, movie cases, tea tins. He died 4 1/2 years ago and I still find notes.

The pain never leaves even when the living has to go on, but these wonderful surprises keep me going.”

5. The little things.

“I think it’s in the little things. Like when someone puts three ice cubes in your cup cause they notice that’s how you like it or when they make sure a certain shirt you like to wear is washed and de wrinkled for you to wear on a big day.

They write notes or say things just to make you smile. They decide to wear the perfume/cologne you like even though they like another better. Their first thoughts when considering a decision is how you would feel about it. When something happens they can’t wait to tell you about it.

Just the little things that show that you and your well being are always on their mind. It’s not grand gestures 24/7 or anything fancy like that cause people can fake those. True love is about merging someone else’s wants and needs with your own.”

6. A lucky woman.

“I have a very loving partner, and he is more non-verbal with his love so there are a few things I’ve picked up on:

They bring you food. I can be sitting on the bed, playing a game and he will come bring me a snack platter.

They take an interest in things you like. He knows that I love chocolate milk, so if he goes to the grocery store, he gets an entire pack.

They will check in on you. When I’m upset, he studies my face closely and asks if I’m okay. We then talk it out instead of it devolving into a screaming match.

Going out of their way to help and assist you. If my feet are sore after a long night of dancing, he will without fail go to the car to get me some flat shoes so I can keep boogying.

They will try to understand you. He isn’t dismissive or hostile about my quirks, but rather has picked up a few himself. He calls me by the nickname my family calls me.

We have been together for 5 years now and still going strong. I’m an extremely lucky woman.”

7. All of this.

“They’ve seen you at your worst and still make you feel loved.

They are respectful to you even when they are angry.

They express to you that they love you.”

8. Allergies can be romantic.

“If you’re allergic to something, they’re not just willing but happy to give it up for you, without complaint, because you’re worth more to them than what you’re allergic to.

For me this doesn’t stop at food- I was a chicken farmer before meeting my wife, who’s allergic to birds. Gave that up, gave up peanut butter, no regrets in the slightest (though I do miss raising chickens, I’d miss my wife far more).

She’s told me it’s how she knows I love her, since nobody else including her family has given things up (yes, even peanut butter. they keep it in the house and in the open when if she breathes near it she starts to have issues) for her sake.”

9. Sharing is caring.

“You share hope and dreams, you share life goals, you share your worries, and what keep you up late at night.”

10. Planning ahead.

“They plan ahead regarding your wants and needs.

I like to say I have magically refilling cabinets, really it’s my husband checking and planning ahead to make sure I have chocolate, my favourite drink, milk for tea, etc.”

11. Sacrifice.

“When they sacrifice everything in their weakest time, when they’re injured, barely hanging on, when they are in their weakest moment… just to make you happy in your darkest moments.

People who do that, genuinely love you, and if you’d do the same, you truly love them too.”

12. Sounds nice.

“You wake up looking like a mess and they think you are stunning. Even after 13 years their eyes light up when they see you.

They let you have the last piece of cake, but you “can’t finish it” so you share it. They won’t change the channel when you’re watching your favorite hockey game, and cheer when they score simply because you are so happy. They hug you for the little things and silly quirks that make you who you are. They pretend there’s an emergency and need your help when your Mom keeps talking on the phone.

You do whatever you can to make them happy and they do anything to make you happy too. They hold you when you wake up from nightmares. You feel safe with them. They are always happy and not jealous of your accomplishments. They save all the little love notes you wrote them for years.

When you realize as awesome as you both are, together you feel whole and be better than you can be by yourself. They treat to to tacos on bad days. You never worry about looking silly or ridiculous to them. The biggest thing I can think of, is they’re not afraid of your tears.

They hold you when you cry your heart out on your darkest days. There are a billion things that can say “I love you” but they’re all different for each couple. But willingly putting you first is the first step.”

13. The one.

“When I’m being weird, my fiancee always tells me “You’re a dork… But you’re my dork” with a big smile and gives my hand a squeeze.

First time she said that we were dating and I already planned on popping the question and that was the moment that made me go “Yup she is 10,000% the one”.”

Okay, lovebirds, now it’s your turn.

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