Let’s get real, folks…

Because I have a serious question to ask you…

How hot do you think you are?

While you think about your answer, see what AskReddit users said about this.

Start now!

1. Right in the middle.

“5, am not ugly nor a beauty.

“Perfectly balanced, as all things should be”.”

2. Not bad at all.

“I give myself a solid “alright for an old guy” out of 10.

I feel I’m aging pretty well.”

3. A 2…but…

“Comparing myself to when I was young I feel like a 2.

However if I look around at other guys my age, I’m doing pretty great.

Simply still having a full head of hair puts me in the top 15%.”

4. Decent.

“Not being overweight puts me in the top 8.5% of men at 50.

And I look 5 to 10 years younger than my age.

But I’m short & bald.

So decent for an old bloke out of 10.”

5. That hurts.

“6 or 7 on a good day?

Only a 1 when I try to take a picture of myself.”

6. Above average.

“Based on what people including my partner says about me, I’m above average… but I’m not photogenic.

In addition, with my family making fun of my looks growing up, and me always being keenly aware of my flaws, there’s a constant struggle with my body image and self-esteem.”

7. Oh, come on now!

“I’m pretty sure I’m ugly as f**k.

We can start an alliance.

All ugly people United!”

8. There you go!


Because I can’t be worse than 4 but I can’t be better than 6.”

9. You do you.

“1/10 I’m old [72] and ugly.

May I give myself that point for ordinary hygiene?”

10. Good way to look at it.

“6/10 is basically 7/10, and then you might as well round up, so it’s really more like 8/10.”

11. Fresh cut.

“Solid 5

6 on a good day with a fresh haircut.”

12. Could go either way.

“I have days where I think “god d**n, look at me. I’m God’s gift”, and then other days where I think “how does every mirror not smash?” “

13. Let’s end with a zinger.

“I asked my wife if I was the only one she ever slept with.

She said yes. The others were either sevens or eights.”

How hot do you think YOU are?

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