In a perfect world, everyone would be considerate and we’d all get along happily ever after.

But we all know that isn’t really how it works, right?

So people are going to have conflict with each other…and that definitely includes neighbors from time to time.

So is this guy acting like an a**hole?

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AITA for asking my neighbours to be more considerate?

“My neighbours are a young couple in their 30s (Annie and Bill), they’ve had a baby a couple months ago.

The baby came home last month after 3 months in hospital. My wife is friendly with Annie, we can’t have children so whenever we have a neighbour with a baby my wife makes friends with them. We have my mum staying with us, as she is no longer able to live independently.

My mum has complained several times that she can hear the baby crying, especially at night. My wife says the baby has bad reflux, and they are trying to deal with it. The baby screams several times a day, its awful listening to the poor thing cry for so long. It does feel like they aren’t dealing with the baby as quickly as they should be.

The baby screamed for 10 minutes solid the other night. My wife says that the baby screams when they bathe it, as Annie has told her that baby doesn’t like being bathed. Baby is always crying and its frustrating, especially when mum needs peace and quiet to recover from surgery.

Since the baby has come home, there is no longer any room on our street during the day as we have on street parking. This is making it difficult to get mum to appointments as she can’t walk to the end of the street to get her in the car but we also can’t park in the middle of the road as it blocks the road and can take over 10 minutes to get her in the car due to mobility issues.

There had always been at least one empty bay outside our house but now it is always occupied by either someone from their families visiting or one of the healthcare professionals involved in the baby’s care.

I reached a breaking point at the weekend. Mum had been home alone all day and she was in tears when I got home from work. Wife was away visiting friends. She said the baby had been screaming all day long. It was still crying when I came home.

I went and knocked on Bill and Annie’s door to ask if they could quieten the baby. I could see through the frosted glass that Annie was sat on the bottom of the stairs not even trying to calm the baby down. When she came to the door, she apologised and said she had been trying to calm baby down, but the new medication was making him constipated, and he was straining to poo.

She had Bill had gone to pick up an emergency prescription to try and help. I snapped as she clearly hadn’t been trying as she was on the stairs and told her that they need to be more considerate of others and if she didn’t quieten the baby then I would log a noise complaint with the police. Annie was upset at this and closed the door in my face. When my wife came back, she told her what I had said.

Now my wife is angry with me as I was making life difficult for a young couple with a sick baby and is giving me the silent treatment. I feel like I may be in the wrong because of how my wife has reacted, but at the same time, the baby is always crying and I think they need to be more considerate of their neighbours.”

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