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AITA for throwing away my co-worker’s sweater?

“My coworker 55m has a sweater that he wears every day at work and leaves in the office overnight. He NEVER takes it home to wash and over the last month it has developed a distinct smell.

At first I tried to make innocuous comments to him (“Do you smell something musty?” etc )

But he didn’t catch on so last week I said to him “Hey that sweater is starting to give off a stench, could you take it home and wash it?” He replied “Nah that’s not my sweater” and walked away which effectively ended the conversation.

After he left one night I went to his desk and smelled the sweater and confirmed that nasty stank and it was so putrid up close (I have no idea how he lives like this)

So I took the sweater on my way out and threw it in a dumpster out back.

The next day he was looking around for it and asking everyone if they had seen it. I just shrugged and said “Nah haven’t seen it today” (which was technically not a lie)

I feel kinda bad but I can’t live like that. We work in a 7 person office with no HR and our boss is not effective at dealing with issues do I felt like this was my only option. AITA?

CLARIFICATION: when he said “that’s not my sweater” he was referring to the stink not being his sweater. The sweater was in fact his (he’s a bit of an oddball, but I can’t imagine even he would wear a random stinky sweater that he didn’t own).”

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