Sometimes, you just shouldn’t engage with certain people about certain things.

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AITA for not wanting to engage with my niece about her birthday?

“My niece’s birthday is in mid-December.

My son was in the hospital almost the entire month of December. During that time I rarely went anywhere except for work and occasionally home to get clean clothes. My dad and sister also frequently came over to help with things, bring food, sit with him while I took a shower, things like that.

I did not attend my niece’s birthday, wasn’t even thinking about it at all. I also forgot to text her happy birthday. My dad also missed her birthday because he was helping with stuff at the hospital. So no one from her mom’s side of the family was there, except for her mom.

Now that my son is back home, my sister and her husband brought my niece to visit. At one point after my son fell asleep, my niece said to me “just so you know, it really hurt my feelings that you didn’t wish me a happy birthday, not even a text.”

I was a little miffed that she would hold onto something like that when my son and I just went through something horrible, but birthdays are a big deal when you are fifteen. So I just said “It slipped my mind. Happy birthday.”

My brother-in-law said “she was pretty upset no one from your side of the family was there.” I just stared at him for a second. “Yeah, I was at the hospital, with my son. Kind of weird that you forgot that.”

He said “I didn’t forget, but you took over everyone’s attention for a month. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you apologize to my daughter for making her grandfather miss her birthday.” My sister said that we should talk about something else, but I said I thought it would be better to cut the visit short, since my son was already asleep anyway.

My niece said “so you would rather us leave than acknowledge you hurt my feelings?” I said yes. My sister gave me a hug and said they would visit at a better time, but her husband said “don’t worry, honey, your uncle is just a jerk. It’s nothing to do with you.” Then they left.

Now, could I have apologized for missing her birthday and technically being the reason my dad did? Sure. Should I have? She’s fifteen. One would think she’s old enough to understand extenuating circumstances. Is that an unrealistic expectation?”

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