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AITA for charging someone more than usual for cupcakes and saying I’m not running a charity?

“I (26) have a small business baking cakes and cupcakes. It’s not my primary job- my customers are mostly family and friends, but it’s something I’m good at and enjoy doing.

It depends on the size, but since I can’t do commercial quantities, my time frame to place orders is at least 2 weeks in advance.

So a couple weeks ago a mutual friend, Liv, (29) reached out asking if I could make some cupcakes for her daughter’s 3rd birthday. She gave a outline of what she wanted and it’s something I can do, so I said sure.

Difference is she wanted them in a week. Liv said there’s a lot going on for her right now and she decided to give her daughter a surprise and doesn’t have time to make cupcakes too, so the late order.

I had spare time that week, so I said I could make them- the cost I gave her was more than what I’d normally charge, but Liv started saying how it’s too much and if I could bring it down.

I said no, because this is a late order. She made some excuse about how she understands that and she’s happy to pay more, but not “this much”.

Liv kept insisting, so I got kind of annoyed and told her I’m not running a charity, she can afford it. If she can’t, she doesn’t have to order from me.

Liv gave a pretty snarky reply to that, got p**sed. didn’t end up placing an order.

I then saw from a friend’s insta she made some posts on her stories, which I’ll admit irked me.

I do have a couple people telling me I was way upcharging and was rude to her in my replies. I don’t think I was, so AITA?”

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