What am I supposed to do: go do cartwheels in the street and jump for joy?

It’s always weird when people get annoyed about how you react to big news that they tell you.

Like if you’re not excited enough, you’re definitely gonna hear about it.

And it sounds like that’s what’s going on here!

But did this young woman act like an a**hole?

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AITA for how I responded to my sister’s pregnancy announcement?

“I F (18) have a sister F (38) who we will call “Kay” for privacy reasons.

Kay has 4 children with her husband (3f, 8f, 2f,11f). K is a stay-at-home mom, and her husband works in air conditioning. k and her husband came over with their kids on his time off to tell us something. she said that they are pregnant with their fifth child. my mom was overjoyed. and I wasn’t really paying attention. I was focusing on the tv. then my sister says, “so what do you think about the news”

I said, “cool awesome”. then my sister says, “just cool, you don’t seem that excited for me?” and I said ” well what do you want me to do? jump up and down and scream my head off.

I can see if this was like your first child that you were expecting, like a first-time mother moment, you got four kids and on your fifth pregnancy by this time you get used to it. Was this baby really hard to conceive, like was it hard to like to get pregnant? and Kay said, ” no it just happened, I took the test a week ago” and I said, ” ok then, so at a certain point after find number 3 people reaction is not going to be that enthusiastic as if was you were expecting with your first”.

Kay said ” I thought you will be happy for me” and I was like I am but it’s not that expecting for me since you been pregnant before. she got mad and left with her husband and kids and did not stay for dinner. my mom thinks I should apologize to kay for not be excited about her pregnancy announcing.


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