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AITA for telling my sister it’s not my fault she could never go to her ‘dream school’?

“The family dynamic is messy and complicated so if there’s any confusion, let me know. I’m the oldest out of my 4 siblings.

Me (43m)

Julia (40f)

Kenzie (27f)

Katie (23f)

Julia doesn’t a play a part of this. She disowned the family and yeah…

Our dad ran out on us and mom was busted for possession, among other crimes, when Katie and Kenzie were still very young, so they ended up in the custody of my grandma. If you ask them, they survived WW2, when it wasn’t that bad.

Our grandma was overly protective and tired having to take care of kids again. But nothing extreme. Her health rapidly declined in their early teen years. I was out of state so I wasn’t a physical caregiver. I was power of attorney so I was a financial caregiver while they took care of the physical needs.

Katie was going to drop out of high school. She barely graduated. This is important for the future.

Once she graduated her and Kenzie came to me. They said they wanted to put grandma in a home so Kenzie could take a manager position, and Katie wanted to get out of town, go to our state capital, take classes at a community college and transfer to their selective university.

She said a teacher who knew her situation believed she had potential to get there and become something great. They said it wasn’t possible when caring for grandma.

I told them no.

They’ve resented me since. Katie went to a community college in our town and flunked out right away. After grandma d**d, she went back and has been doing alright. She fell into a depression after her boyfriend cheated on her.

She was talking about it to Kenzie and myself and said the thing that hurt was the person he cheated with was beautiful, talented, and then she said his affair partner actually goes to her dream school…she said this girl was everything she should had in life, well – rounded high school experience, parents to support her, a great education, and now this girl had truly taken everything from her.

Then she mentioned she should have been at that school, but she was wiping the a** of something who called her every name in the book for 2 more years longer than she should have.

This isn’t the first time she’s been tipsy and made a passive aggressive comment, so I told her ‘Katie, I’m not the reason you couldn’t get into your dream school, you failed out right away from CC, and would have did the same thing there. you weren’t ready and can’t accept that’. Kenzie told me I was an a** who didn’t understand burnout.


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