I remember having roommates who had girlfriends that I wasn’t exactly thrilled about…and they used to be over at our house ALL THE TIME.

Let’s just say that it wasn’t the best situation in the world and when those relationships ended, no tears were shed on my end…

And that brings us to today’s story!

Is this woman a jerk for having her boyfriend over all the time?

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AITA? My roommate is complaining that my BF is staying over too often and I think she’s being unreasonable.

“I (22f) have lived with my roommate (24f) for about two years. My bf (28m) and I have been together since before my roommate and I moved in together. Currently, he lives an hour away from me, a couple towns over.

About a month and a half ago, he was able to purchase a house in my town and has been renovating it. As is, it is unlivable. There are no floors in the entire house, so staying there is not an option. It also doesn’t make sense for him to drive the hour back home when I live two minutes from the new house. Today, my roommate texted me and said she wants to have a conversation about how often he’s been staying over.

Over the past month and a half, he has stayed over about two nights a week on average. Sometimes three nights, sometimes one. It is almost always during the weekend. He is repairing the house during the day, and we will go out at night or sometimes chill at my place after.

Maybe 3-4 times TOTAL during this entire month and a half, he has worked from my apartment (he works from home) on a week day (it’s usually a Friday) but he always works in my room so as to not take up our shared space, such as the kitchen table. I am also always home when he is there. I have my own room and bathroom, so he isn’t taking any of her personal space whatsoever.

I will also mention that our utility bills have NOT increased whatsoever during this time – I checked. Who is the a**hole here? Am I wrong to think she’s be unreasonable? This hasn’t ever been a problem during the last two summers for example, where he stayed most weekends after going to the beach and hanging with friends. I don’t see why it’s suddenly an issue now.”

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