Yes, everyone wants to believe that their children are the most special humans to ever exist on planet Earth.

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But is it wrong to tell someone that their child isn’t the only kid in the world that matters?

Yikes…you can see how this one went sideways.

Read this story and see if you think this guy was out of line for what he said to his sister.

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AITA for telling my sister that her baby isn’t the only one that matters?

“I (32M) am expecting my second child with my (30F) wife. My wife is 14 weeks pregnant, and we are really excited!

My sister (25F) and her wife (27F) are also pregnant with their first child. My sister and her wife did IVF, and my sister is 38 weeks pregnant. I’m very happy for them, and I think they will make great parents.

The other day we all met up to see our grandparents. They live out of state and don’t visit a lot, so when they do we always set aside time to see them all together. My grandparents were talking about how excited they were to see my sister and her wife become mothers, and they couldn’t wait to have their first great granddaughter.

They continued to talk about my sister’s baby and didn’t even acknowledge my wife’s pregnancy. I could tell it was hurting my wife, so I tried to start a conversation to include her but it always went back to my sister and my SIL’s baby. I even tried talking about the gender reveal we are holding soon, but no one seemed to care. My wife got upset and walked out of the room. My sister asked me if everything was okay, and I told her that my wife was upset because she’s feeling left out.

My SIL apologized and said that that wasn’t her intention. My mom tried to convince my wife to come back and sit down, but she refused. My sister told me that my wife cant expect every conversation to be about her, and “this isn’t a competition.”

I told my sister that her baby isn’t the only baby that matters and ours matters too. My grandma told me that she would be more than happy to discuss both pregnancies, but it was too late. My wife wanted to leave, so that’s what we did.

I’m now being called an a**hole by my parents for making a scene with my grandparents there. I feel like no one cares enough to see my wife and I’s side in this.

AITA here?”

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