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AITA for refusing to help my sister throw a party and pay for a gift for our parents 30th wedding anniversary?

“My sister (29f) is our parents favorite. They have tried to hide it over the years, but for almost all of my (26f) life it has been made perfectly clear that my parents care more about my sister.

They know her favorite food, favorite color, favorite band and generally things you’re supposed to know about the people you are very close to/family. But they have always tended to forget mine and just give me my sister’s favorite things. Other family members have pointed it out to them.

My grandpa, who was the best to me growing up, called them out in front of everyone on more than one occasion for it. Like when I was 8 and they had a birthday dinner with my sister’s favorite dinner instead of mine. Grandpa was like wth is this, why did you make sister’s favorite instead of Away’s.

My parents were all flustered and said it was just a silly mix up. I’d say of the 16 birthday dinners I had with them, 15 of them were my sister’s favorites and not mine. The 16th one was only right because grandpa forced his way into the kitchen to help that year. I was always a gamer and a reader. My sister loved makeup and dolls.

My birthday/Christmas gifts were often makeup and dolls. When people used to ask them what I wanted to be they’d say what my sister wanted to be. I have brought up to them on multiple occasions that it hurts my feelings but they never change. So I started to become more distant from my parents and don’t make the effort I used to.

My sister has acknowledged that she’s aware of this stuff. But she still wanted me to help her throw a party for their anniversary and to go half with her on this really expensive gift she wants to get them. She told me about it over Christmas.

The anniversary is in April. She wanted to go all out but I told her I’m not doing anything that big to celebrate them and will not be putting all that effort in when they never make it with me. She told me that this would be helping her too. I told her she wants me to help her celebrate the people who show clear favoritism between their kids.

She doesn’t see the big deal. We argued. She told me I was being childish and that I’m unfair to her/them. She told me if I don’t help with the party and the gift I am publicly shaming our parents and leaving it all on her shoulders.


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