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AITA for not moving out of my apartment so my brother can have it?

“I (F23) have an older brother (32). I moved out of my parent’s house earlier than him and found a small place for myself that is really close to my job.

The place is not the biggest, it’s a one bed room apartment – but it is enough for one person and rent is very cheap so I’m extremely happy with it. I put a lot of work into it and made sure it’s my little happy space.

Recently my brother started staying over now and then, I don’t have a problem with that, he works the nightshift and my place is also closer to his job than my parent’s house. The problem began when he started brining more and more of his stuff to my place. He brought his PS4, started gaming in my living room and is overall just being a terribly inconsiderate guest and treats me like our mom.

I brought this up with my parents and my dad suggested that I should let my brother live there and get myself a new apartment, he said I should look for a bigger place because my brother makes less money and he could afford my place and I could find something better.

But I don’t want a bigger apartment. I have no plans to have a family or partner where I would need anything more than one bed room. And I put so much work in to personalizing my apartment that this feels so unfair. My parents said I’d be an a**hole for both, kicking my brother out now for staying over and not giving him the place. Is that true?”

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