What’s more important: your kid’s education or your dream house?

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AITA for liquidating my daughter’s college fund to keep our dream house?

“I (50F) lost my husband 4 years ago. I also have a 16yo daughter.

My late husband left me everything and told me to trust his lawyer. My husband had worked for 20 years as a doctor and did some minor investing so I inherited over 7 figures.

A year later, I decided to list our home of 12 years and received an offer too good to refuse. With the inheritance as well as the influx of cash from selling the house, I decided to move my daughter and I to Malibu because we always dreamed of a home next to the beach but my husband was exceptionally tight fisted and called homes there money pits.

We found a beautiful home by the sea. I never personally handled anything regarding buying a home before so I did not anticipate all the extra costs beyond the sticker price.

But my daughter was so excited so I decided to go for it. My late husband’s lawyer was furious at my decision so I decided stopped taking his calls. I ended up signing with a money manager who said that we’d be passively earning 90 percent of what surgeons earned per year.

But the money manager ended up tanking a lot of our investments. I took the dwindling money out and made my own investments which made it worse and long story short, because of all that I only have around $35k available to me now., not to mention our debts.

With the amount available to me, I am looking at only being able to pay 1 month of a mortgage/ upkeep and then I’m basically out of luck until my business gets clients. However, the place where we do have a significant amount of money is the fund my husband started for our daughter. With the money there, I could prevent our credit cards from being shut down, and not have to worry about the mortgage for many more months.

So I ended up liquidating my daughter’s college fund. I told her about it today and she was furious and said she cannot believe all her dad’s work is gone. Shea slo said she won’t be supporting me for retirement.

AITA for trying to fix my mistakes and trying to keep our house?”

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