Family cookbooks can be like bibles.

A window into the past that contains all the secrets and memories about a certain clan.

So you can see why someone might not be willing to part with this priceless information, right?

You better believe it!

But is this woman acting like an a**hole?

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AITA for refusing to share my family’s cookbook with my half sister?

“My mom’s grandma started a cookbook before she had kids, my grandma inherited it off her when grandma started having kids and then my mom got it before she had me.

My mom gave it to me when she was sick (I was 7 at the time) and d**d soon after. She told me to be careful with it and that it was special to our family.

A couple of years after she d**d I learned my dad had cheated on her with his wife and that my half sister was the product of the affair and born before my parents divorce was finalized. I was too young to realize when it was all going on. After learning this I had a hard time being around my dad.

I remember my mom being sad and it made sense why. I also learned that he had told my mom in a really cruel way. How I found out is I eavesdropped on a fight between dad and my uncle and aunt (my mom’s siblings) and heard it all, including how much my dad h**ed how “boring” my mom was. I remained distant from him, his wife and my half siblings ever since (I have two more half sisters and a half brother).

My dad decided to tell the oldest of my half siblings about the cookbook. He mentioned how much I valued it and all kinds of stuff. She wanted to share it with me, to cook from it, and to get to write in it like I will some day. She pestered me about it and every time I told her no.

Then her parents would tell her more about it. In the end she was upset and sobbing over being told no. I had told her it was something special from my mom’s side and I wanted to keep it private until I have children. That wasn’t good enough because she insisted we’re family and she’s my sister.

My dad and his wife were angry with me. My dad’s parents also told me I should have shared it with her and that I’m being cruel to her when my mom isn’t alive to care if the child born from the affair gets part of the book or not, but she could be closer to me because I share it with her.

I don’t really care about my dad or his wife’s opinion. I have no respect for them. They’re pieces of s**t in my eyes. But my grandparents and I always got along okay enough.


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