You gotta keep your eyes peeled, folks…

Because scammers are lurking everywhere and they’re doing everything in their power to get your hard-earned money out of you!

And these AskReddit users were nice enough to let us know about the scams people seem to keep falling for.

Listen up!

A ha!

“Subscribe to my courses to learn how to get rich quick.

I’m only offering this because I don’t want to use my tricks to get rich quick and want to share it with you instead.”

The IRS.

“Calls from the IRS. They don’t call people.

I’ve gotten those certified letters before. However, the IRS still works with you. The letter says I need to pay 30k in 30 days or they taking my house?

Call the number and set up payment. Real payments, not Apple gift cards.”

Not gonna happen.

“Pyramid schemes.

For the life of me I can’t fathom how people think they’ll get rich selling stupid s**t like oils or wax.”

Words to live by.

“I have what I call the Three Madoff Laws

Do they promise guaranteed returns of or exceeding 12 percent

Are you not allowed to tell the SEC or social media you’re investing with them

Are they affiliated with cartoonishly sleazy people

If the answer to even one of these is yes, stay away.”

A waste.


My parents used to waste at least $50 a week on tickets. Even when we were behind on bills, couldn’t afford groceries, and getting sued. They cared more about buying f**king lottery tickets than feeding their children and keeping the water running.

They would say that they were entitled to win because they were religious and would use the money for good. I don’t talk to them much anymore, so I’m not sure if they still buy tickets obsessively, but they most likely do.”

It’s true.

“Cell phone manufacturers coming out with a new phone every year for every product line and somehow people keep gobbling them up.”

Still going on.

“People who fall for phone scammers telling them they can pay an overdue utility bill in Apple gift cards.



“Fox News.

It has finally come out that they lied to their viewers about the conspiracy theories they knew to be false regarding the 2020 election.

I hope Dominion takes them to the cleaners.”

Getting scammed.

“Modern dating apps.

Their main goal is to get you to buy their subscription and not find a match, so you’ll stay on their subscription longer.”

A lot of money…

“Expensive, unnecessary college degrees with little payoff.

Note, I am finishing my third college degree.”

Not for profit?

“The injured vet and sick kid commercials.

Try looking up the obscene salaries these “not for profits” pay their CEOs and officials.”

Still waiting.


I mean you’ve gotta admire the patience of Christians.

If I get stood up at a restaurant I give it maybe 30-40 mins for the person I’m waiting for not showing.

They’ve been waiting “any minute now” for 2,000 years.”

But it’s organic!

“Buying “organic” foods that are not really organic..

Everything is organic these days! It’s a marketing tactic, not saying they are not to some extent better than your average product, but, those foods still contain harmful chemicals.

Nobody will buy things that don’t say “organic” these days and producers and marketers know that. Supply and demand right?

Producers: “You want? I can’t provide exactly what you want because the cost of it is too high for me to make a profit, so instead I’ll throw in a few organic ingredients, get that stamp with the flower on it, and write a big ORGANIC logo in bold with a trademark.

Wanna sue me? Sure, no problem the product never claims organic in the first place, the word organic is the title of my product hahaha you lose.””

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