What kind of boyfriend demands that their girlfriend cancels a trip with their best friend?

Apparently, the guy you’re about to meet falls into that category…but who’s the a**hole in this story?

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AITA for refusing to cancel a trip with my best friend?

“I(25F) have been with my boyfriend (28M) for almost 3 months now.

I have an upcoming trip with my best friend to Italy that my boyfriend wants me to cancel. We have been planning this trip for months now, booked the tickets 6 months ago, and my boyfriend doesn’t care that this was all planned before him.

The only reason why he wants me to cancel the trip, is because my friend is a guy(25M) and my boyfriend doesn’t trust us to spend a week together on this trip.

We’re sharing a hotel room to save some money, but there are separate beds. I’ve been best friends with this guy since my freshman year of college and I don’t plan on not being friends with him over someone I just recently started dating.

I haven’t told my friend how my boyfriend feels, and our trip is nearly 3 weeks away. So, AITA for refusing the cancel?”

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