What’s the appropriate age to tell kids about the birds and the bees?




Of course, it’s up to parents when they decide to have “the talk”…and this woman wants to know if she was out of line for telling her 5-year-old daughter a little bit about where babies come from.

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AITA for telling my daughter where babies come from?

“I (30 female) have a daughter named Lizzy (5) who is very curious and loves to ask questions. My husband Jack (36) and I always agreed to be completely honest with Lizzy.

Jacks sister is pregnant and her baby shower was this weekend.

While we were shopping for a baby shower gift Lizzy asked if the baby was in the mommy’s belly and I said yes. I saw her face start becoming curious and I knew the questions would come. When we got in the car she asked where babies came from. I gave her an honest answer that was appropriate for her age.

“When a mommy and daddy are ready to have a baby the baby grows inside the mommy’s belly and then the baby comes out of the mommy’s belly like an operations or comes out of the mommy’s private parts.”

The conversation ended after a couple more questions and she said she understood. We talked about other ways people had a family like adoption and sometimes people need help from doctors to get pregnant. How some kids have two moms or two dads and how some kids have one mom and one dad or stepparents. She was very interested.

After buying the gift we went to the baby shower. Lizzys grandmother was telling all the kids how babies are a gift from god and how the mommy and daddy get the baby as a present. Lizzy took this opportunity to tell her grandmother she’s wrong and where babies come from in front of her cousins and different ways to make a family.

My mother in law wasn’t happy with me and neither were several aunts and uncles. They said it was inappropriate and how her cousins didn’t need to hear that. They started telling me I’m a bad mother for telling her too much and taking away her innocence. I said back that maybe if they didn’t lie to their kids it wouldn’t be such a big deal. A lot of my husbands family isn’t speaking to me now over it.

My husband doesn’t see the problem and says he’d rather her hear it from us than friends.


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