Divorce can be really hard on kids…and this situation sounds like it has taken its toll on the teenage girl who wrote this post on the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit.

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AITA for telling my mom to prioritize me if she wants to see me more?

“I (f16) have parents who are divorced like many people.

My dad married my stepmom 3 years ago. My mom got married to my now stepdad 2 months ago. My parent’s custody agreement has always been 50/50 which worked well my parents were able to co-parent well even though they got divorced.

Before my mom married stepdad we lived in a cute 2 bedroom apartment, it was small but I liked it both my mom and I had our own space. Once mom and stepdad got married my mom moved into his house. Now, stepdad has twin daughters (8) due to family issues they live with him full-time.

Stepdad has a 3-bedroom house. When I first went to stay at my stepdad’s place I was informed I have to share a bedroom with my step sisters who are 8. When I said I thought there were 3 bedrooms I was told the other room is my stepdad’s “man cave”. I was willing to try staying in a room with the twins, I tried for a whole month. It just didn’t work they go to bed earlier than me and I have no privacy which is nice to have as a teen girl.

I asked my stepdad if we could make the other room a bedroom for me. He said he said he needed his space. So I told my mom I’m going to start staying more with my dads. I visit my mom 3-4 times a week. I go over to my mom’s (on weekdays) when I get off of school and stay over there until 1030pm so I’m over there for quite a few hours, when I’m there on weekends it’s longer.

Recently my mom has been complaining that she barely sees me anymore. I told her I’m sorry she feels that way but it isn’t right I’m expected to share a room with 8-year-olds.

I also said it’s more understandable if we truly didn’t have the room but we do stepdad is just being selfish and you’re agreeing with him instead of prioritizing my needs as a teenager. Mom got upset, stepdad ended up calling me Selfish and a AH saying kids share rooms all the time.”

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