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AITA for telling my sister I’m sick of her hypothetical pregnancy?

“For the past year my sister has been trying to get pregnant, a journey on which I fully support her. However, she’s been kind of obnoxious about it.

She’s always bringing up how she might be pregnant. “No wine for me, I might be pregnant. I can’t keep the fast today, might be pregnant. I miss sushi, but I have to abstain because I might be pregnant.” She’s been pregnant and not pregnant for so long that I’m starting to worry she’ll give birth to a cat.

Last night I told her about an upcoming trip I have with my boyfriend and some friends. We’re going river rafting, which I’ve never done before and was excited about. She jumped in with “I’d love to try that too, but I can’t because I might be pregnant.”

I got annoyed, because we were talking about me for once and she found a way to make it about her hypothetical pregnancy again. I said “well, no one invited you.” She asked me what my problem was, and I said I was sick of hearing about her hypothetical pregnancy. She said I was immature and left.

I feel bad, but also I am so sick of hearing about Schrodinger’s pregnancy.


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