I always thought it was a huge bummer when a kid at school couldn’t go on a field trip because their parents couldn’t or wouldn’t pay for it.

It doesn’t seem fair to make young children miss out on activities that most or all of their peers get to experience.

But that’s the way it goes sometimes.

And this dad wants to know if he was an a**hole for not giving his teenage daughter money to go on a field trip.

Read on to see what happened.

AITA for not giving my daughter money for her field trip?

“Today my daughter (16) left for a field trip out of town with a club or organization of some sort with her school.

They are going for education purposes but will have some free time to go shopping and do fun things that would require some extra spending money, they’re also getting bagged lunches but my daughter is vegan and prefers to bring lunch so she needed money for that as well

She is going to be gone until Sunday evening, and asked myself and her mother for spending money, my ex (her mother) gave her $150 to spend and told her that if she needs more she can see what she can do but she’ll have to ask her dad (me) for more.

My daughter came to me earlier this week and I told her she needs to get it from her mother because I pay her mother $800 a month in child support, her mom got pi**ed off and said she has bills to pay and cannot afford to give our daughter more. I stuck to what I said and did not give my daughter more money.

Today I dropped my daughter off at school and before she got out, she sat in the car like she was waiting for something. I told her I already spoke to her mom and that if she needs money she can get it from her mother from the child support that I pay every month.

My daughter got upset and left without saying buy and I just got a text from my ex flipping out saying she gave our daughter another $150 dollars she didn’t necessarily have so that she could have money on her trip and how hard would it have been to match what she gave our daughter without fussing.”

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